Delta TechOps Brings it In-House - Heat Treating for Aviation MROs

Delta TechOps Brings it In-House - Heat Treating for Aviation MROs

In the aviation MRO industry (maintenance, repair, and overhaul facilities) the ability to perform heat treating processes in-house is becoming increasingly essential. Speed has become the order of the day when competing for business. Aviation MROs not only have to get the job done right, but they have to do it fast, and they can no longer afford the long turnaround times and waiting periods that outside heat treating facilities take to process their parts.

Bringing heat treating in-house can strengthen rivets, rods, and bolts on planes whenever needed, thereby ensuring their reliability and safety. As such, it is crucial for MRO facilities to have immediate and ready access to simple-to-use heat treat ovens that meet their specific requirements. In-house capabilities mean there's never a question as to whether heat treating is feasible, only if it's necessary.

A current example of this scenario happened recently. Delta TechOps, a division of Delta Airlines, an MRO facility, faced a pressing need for a heat treat oven with a specific internal chamber size and other unique features. They needed the oven to be delivered to their facility within a tight timeframe of just five days. Additionally, the unit had to have Solid-State Relays and a controller with a calibration certificate.

Heat Treat Now, a specialized distributor of industrial ovens and furnaces, was able to provide a solution to Delta TechOps' problem. Their technical sales team worked closely with Delta TechOps' engineers to identify their specific needs and find the right unit for their application.

To meet Delta TechOps' requirements, the team at Heat Treat Now had to identify potential manufacturers that could provide a unit that met their specific needs. After extensive research, the team identified three potential manufacturers that could meet Delta TechOps' specifications. The team then contacted each manufacturer to see if they had a unit available that could be delivered within the tight timeframe.

One of the manufacturers, Paragon Industries, was able to provide a unit that met most of Delta TechOps' requirements, but it did not have the required Solid-State Relays and controller with a calibration certificate. Heat Treat Now's technical sales team worked closely with the Paragon Industries team to retrofit the unit with the required components and then obtain the necessary certification from the controller manufacturer within the tight deadline.

Throughout the process, Heat Treat Now's logistics team worked tirelessly to ensure that the unit was delivered to Delta TechOps' facility within the five-day timeframe. The team provided regular updates to Delta TechOps, keeping them informed of the progress being made.

Thanks to the partnership of both the HTN technical sales team and the manufacturer's diligent efforts, Delta TechOps received the heat treat oven they needed by their deadline. Heat Treat Now demonstrated their approach to this challenge by showing resourcefulness, and their commitment to customer satisfaction, by finding a solution to Delta TechOps' problem despite the initial unit not meeting all of their requirements. 

In conclusion, MRO facilities need to have access to heat treat ovens that meet their specific requirements. Working with a specialized distributor like Heat Treat Now, which has a team of technical sales experts and works with multiple manufacturers, can help ensure that MRO facilities get the best solution for their needs. Heat Treat Now's ability to identify potential manufacturers, retrofit units with required components, and coordinate logistics within a tight timeframe demonstrates their expertise and commitment to longterm customer satisfaction.

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