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Kiln building is a complicated process, and a kiln manufacturer requires the following to achieve the desired results:
  • An experienced team of mechanical and electrical engineers
  • Skilled welding and masonry professionals
  • Thorough project planning backed by research and development
  • Acquisition of prepared materials
  • In-depth knowledge of workload capacity
  • Extensive flow calculations
  • Consideration of ergonomics
  • Patience to manage expectations

Heat Treat Now collaborates with the top U.S. kiln manufacturers to produce designed to spec kilns that precisely match your unique temperature needs, size limitations, and production objectives. Our team of specialists will closely collaborate with you and the manufacturer to ensure that your desired kiln is brought to life.

Discover how Heat Treat Now’s customization capabilities can support your kiln project needs, as well as your metal grinding applications. Call us today!

Custom Kilns, Ovens, and Furnaces by Trusted Manufacturers

At Heat Treat Now, we offer a range of individual customizations for any line of furnaces, kilns, and commercial ovens from leading brands, such as:

  • Paragon Industries: A leading electric kiln and furnace manufacturer based in Texas and  in operation since 1948.
  • Cress Manufacturing: Based in Nevada, Cress Manufacturing is an industry leader in manufacturing glass and ceramic kilns and electric furnaces, with over 50 years in the industry.
  • Evenheat Kilns: A Michigan-based kiln manufacturer with a range of products for ceramics, glass, metal clay, porcelain, and heat treating.
  • Hot Shot Oven & Kiln: A Wisconsin-based kiln manufacturer offering ovens and kilns for various industrial applications.
  • Olympic Kilns:  A custom gas and electric kiln manufacturer located in Georgia that works with customers in manufacturing and scientific research fields.

Metal Grinders

Heat Treat Now offers AmeriBrade’s full line of metal grinders and accessories, which are all configurable to your metal grinding needs. AmeriBrade is a grinder and accessories manufacturer with thousands of made-in-the-USA units sold since its founding in 2016.

We also carry Covington Engineering’s full line of saws, grinders, polishing and lapping equipment, including Rociprolaps and Vibra Laps.

We can customize any of your equipment packages to meet your operational needs.

Benefits of Working With Heat Treat Now

While working with Heat Treat Now, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fast and Reliable Service: When contacting Heat Treat Now by phone, text, email, or chat, you’ll speak with a live representative. Our efficiency means you’ll get the documents you need quickly. No bots ever!
  • Experienced Tech Support: All product warranties are supported by our manufacturers with original, genuine factory components. We support all factory customizations with experienced tech support.
  • Financing Options Available: Our flexible commercial financing options ensure you get the solution you need at an affordable and tax-friendly price.

Custom Industrial Kilns for Sale & More by Heat Treat Now

Securing a responsive partner in the custom industrial kiln industry is essential for success. Heat Treat Now offers a variety of customization options for our grinding equipment and kiln products from the leading American-made kiln brands. Heat Treat Now serves a broad spectrum of industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, packaging, pharmaceuticals, printing, and transportation, by providing best-in-class kilns, ovens, furnaces and grinders.

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