Heat Treating Equipment Purchasing Process

At Heat Treat Now, we want our customers to have the right tools to best support their manufacturing operations. Our team specializes in combining high-performance heat treatment equipment and accessories with superior customer service to supply comprehensive furnace, oven, and kiln solutions. To ensure you receive the ideal product for your application, we work with a proven purchasing process consisting of three easy steps. Learn how Heat Treat Now handles orders to connect you with the ideal machine as soon as possible.

Our Purchasing Process

When you turn to us for high-quality heat treatment machines, we'll walk you through our three-step purchasing process with a focus on personalized customer service.

1. Initial Discussion

The heat treatment equipment selection process begins with an initial discussion to gain an in-depth understanding of your unique requirements. For your convenience, we can discuss via email, phone, instant chat, or online forms, based on your preference and availability.

2. Establish Project Timelines

Taking into consideration all the details of the initial discussion, we'll swiftly provide you with a clear project timeline covering everything from the initial quotation, purchase, and payment through manufacturing, shipping, and delivery. Our team emphasizes efficiency, and we'll update you on the progress of your order throughout the production process.

3. Selection

Our experienced team will help you choose the right equipment for your individual application. From heat treat ovens and industrial furnaces to specialty tools, you'll find the solution to virtually any heat treatment needed in our comprehensive selection of USA-made equipment.

Benefits of Working With Heat Treat Now

The following are some of the key advantages of partnering with the experts at Heat Treat Now for your heat treatment solutions:

  • Customer service. We take the customer experience very seriously here at Heat Treat Now. Dedicated to your satisfaction, we provide top-tier customer service with a personal touch. Highly knowledgeable and accommodating, our team is here to answer questions about our equipment solutions, assist you in making a purchase, and provide after-sales support. We prioritize quick turnaround times in everything we do, from helping you fill out paperwork for optimal efficiency to making fast deliveries as manufacturers hold stock for us.
  • Convenience. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to contact us or place an order. For your convenience, our team is highly accessible through multiple modes of communication. We want to help you skip the hassles, streamlining the purchasing process to get you exactly what you need, when you need it.
  • Speed. Regardless of your industry, Heat Treat Now understands that one thing is universally true: Time is money. We provide several fast delivery options to assist you in getting the necessary equipment or parts on your schedule, not weeks or months from now. We have a selection of "On-Hand-Now in-stock units available to ship within days to prevent downtime and delays in your operations.
  • Dependability. Heat Treat Now strives to be much more than your standard equipment supplier. You'll enjoy the benefits of a dependable partner committed to your success. Drawing on our unparalleled product expertise, our team will work closely with you to ensure you receive your equipment on schedule.

Quality Heat Treating Equipment for Sale at Heat Treat Now

Looking for the right heat treatment equipment for your application? The team at Heat Treat Now is here to get you just what you need based on your unique specifications. Offering brands like Paragon Kilns, Evenheat Kiln, Olympic Kilns, Cress Furnaces, Ameribrade Grinders, and Covington Engineering, Heat Treat Now supplies comprehensive equipment and component solutions to keep operations running and drive growth in your business.

We've designed our convenient purchasing process to be easy and efficient, ensuring that business owners, engineers, purchasing agents, and end users are well-equipped for their heat-treating projects. Our company serves industries ranging from research and development, prototyping, and manufacturing to commercial heat treatment, workshop tempering, and more with American-made products and customer service that actually allows you to talk with a real person.

For more information about our offerings or to get started on your purchase, request a quote from our team today.