Where should I place my heat treat unit?

Here are some basic guidelines about locating your unit:

  • Make sure you have adequate space... at least 12 - 18 inches of space between the unit and the wall. (However, for operator comfort, allow room to walk around the unit if maintenance is required.) It is recommended that the unit be placed on a stand on top of flame-resistant flooring like a cement floor or board.
  • Make sure the area is really clean - remove all flammable or combustible materials such as curtains, plastics, rags, paper, packing materials, etc. from the area surrounding the kiln.
  • Make sure the area is well ventilated – proper air exchange is necessary for you kiln to last a long time. Heat from the unit and outside air can accumulate in restricted areas above both gas and electric units.
  • Make sure that the heat has somewhere to go, and is replaced by fresh cooler air. Set up a fan near the area, or open a window to ensure good air exchange. Check all local requirements or codes before installation.

                  IMPORTANT: Always read your owners manual and follow your unit manufacturer's instructions.