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    Paragon Kiln - Viking 28

    $5,866.21 USD
    $5,279.59 USD
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    Product description


    Paragon Viking 28
    Dimensions Inside: 28" (width) x 29" (depth)
    Dimensions Outside: 36.3" (width) x 45.5" (depth) x 48" (height)
    Shelf Size: 26” Round Shelf - NOT INCLUDED
    Elements: Side Element Only
    Max Temp: Fires to 2350° F 
    Voltage: 240 volts 
    Amperage: 60 amps 
    Watts: 14,400 watts 
    Receptacle: Direct
    Shipping Weight: 498# (Freight)



    • Sentinel SmartTouch Controller
    • Mercury Relays
    • 2”-high blank bricks in the top row of sidewalls 
    • Sectional design for easier maintenance
    • Large, tapered peepholes
    • Heavy-duty elements
    • Dropped, recessed brick grooves eliminate the need to pin elements
    • Heavy-gauge stainless steel case
    • Certified to CSA and UL Standard 499
    • Full-formed steel base completely protects the brick bottom
    • 2-Year Warranty (Refer to manufacturer's warranty)

    The Viking-28 is designed for extra heavy-duty firing. This 12-sided kiln easily reaches stoneware temperatures. During busy seasons when orders are backlogged, you will be grateful you own a dependable Paragon Viking workhorse.

    OPTIONAL Tall Heavy Duty Rolling Stand, 32” Square x 12” High

    A deluxe, rock-solid kiln stand with locking casters, is now an option. STANDS ARE NOT INCLUDED. Please check the options box if you would like a stand included with your kiln order. You will enjoy the convenience of effortlessly moving the kiln out of the way when not in use. The stand is rock solid. It fits together with interlocking components that assemble with one size of bolt. (Ships unassembled.)

    The 12” tall stand raises the kiln to a convenient height for loading and unloading. Should you need a vent, merely slide the collection cup of an Orton vent into a mounting bracket on the top of the stand. The stands are a massive 32” square with solid tops to fully support the firebrick bottom of your kiln.

    Take advantage of the heat that radiates from the kiln. Load greenware on the lower shelf. Heat from the kiln will dry the ware to prepare it for the next firing. Save the time and electrical expense of drying the ware inside the kiln.

    Assemble the stand with simple tools. The stand slides together with interlocking components that assemble with one size of bolt.

    Plenty of Power
    As with our standard TNF top-loading studio kilns, the Viking-28 features the Sentry 12-key digital temperature controller, easy-access switch box, pinless elements, and the LiteLid counter-balance spring system. But in addition, they come with built-in high amperage fuses, and heavy-duty mercury relays instead of our standard mechanical relays. Industrial mercury relays far outlast the standard mechanical relays and are also quieter.

    The Viking-28 has the power to spare. Their extra wattage helps compensate for aging elements or low voltage. They have ample power to reach cone 10 and, if you ever need it, to fire rapidly. Elements last longer because the extra wattage and thicker 3" firebricks help the elements reach porcelain and stoneware temperatures without strain. Since the kiln can fire stoneware, it can naturally handle low-fire ceramics with ease.

    Sectional Construction
    You can separate the Viking-28 kiln bottom and sections to repair bricks, change elements, or to move the kiln down narrow stairwells or through narrow doorways. Heavy-duty twist-lock spring latches securely hold the assembled kiln sections. Sectional kilns are ideal for older buildings in areas such as New York City or in homes with basements. The kiln is easy to maintain—the stainless steel case of each kiln section includes case tighteners.

    Why the Top Wall Bricks Resist Wear
    The top row of bricks in the Viking-28 is 2” high and without element grooves. Since the brick row is solid, it is less susceptible to damage during loading than a grooved brick. And should you ever need to replace a top brick, just loosen the stainless steel case tighteners of the top section and slide the brick out.

    The Viking-28 uses deluxe 3” thick firebricks throughout the sidewalls, the reversible brick bottom, and the 3” thick lid. The peepholes, both sides of the lid, and the top rim of the sidewall firebrick are hardened and sealed with a special refractory coating that reduces dusting.

    Even Heat Distribution
    Enjoy even heat distribution for consistent firing results. The elements are “tuned,” which means hotter elements are placed at the top and bottom of the firing chamber, where extra heat is needed. This results in superior heat distribution without the need for 3-zone temperature control. (However, you can order 3-zone if you want it.)

    Heavy Duty Throughout
    Wires are fastened to the elements with heat-dissipating connectors refined and proven for many years in Paragon kilns. Long-lasting, thick elements are seated in dropped, recessed brick grooves, which eliminate the need for element pins. (Since the elements are not pinned, they are faster to replace than the elements of some competitive models.) Costly heavy-gauge nickel-plated copper wiring is covered with high-temperature glass-braided insulation.

    UL / CUL / NEC-compliant high-amperage fuses protect the kiln and circuit wiring. These fuses are built into the kiln switch box—just one more thoughtful touch that you will find in a Paragon Viking.

    A heavy galvanized steel base completely covers the reversible brick bottom. It folds up under the stainless steel case on all 12 sides to strengthen the firing chamber and protect the bottom. Unlike competitive brands, you can move your Paragon without worrying about the stand digging into the firebrick bottom. This is one more assurance that your Paragon kiln is built to last.

    Patented, Easy-to-Lift Lid
    The massive lid is easy to lift with Paragon's patented LiteLid spring counter-balance. It does away with cumbersome pulleys and cords and reduces lid weight to only several pounds of pressure.

    Easy-Access Patented Switch Box
    Hinged at the bottom, the switch box on the Viking-28 and most of Paragon’s other top-loading studio kilns opens forward for easy maintenance. It even includes a folding support arm, which holds the box in the open position. The Sentry micro-processor controller is mounted near the top of the switch box within easy reach. Operate the controller from a comfortable height.

    Thermocouple with “special limit” wire
    The thermocouple senses temperature inside the kiln. It is the small rod that extends into the firing chamber. The ¼” wide Type-K, 14-gauge, exposed-tip thermocouple is made with special-limit wire for superior accuracy. The exposed tip gives the controller a fast response time for even temperatures during holds. The thermocouple is made in America to our exacting standards.

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    Paragon Kiln - Viking 28