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    AmeriBrade - Hollow Grinding Jig

    $420.00 USD
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    Product description


    • Dial Indicator, 10” Contact Wheel and 2” Accessory Arm
    • Requires Large Work Rest Assembly Sold Separately
    • 2-Year Limited Warranty (Refer to Manufacturer's Warranty)

    Instructions: Hollow Grinding Jig Manual 

    Utilize the reverse tracking of your FastBack 2x72 belt grinder and this attachment to make hollow grinds simple (not compatible with classic frames for lack of reverse tracking control). This attachment raises a 10 inch contact wheel above your large work rest and adds a 2” deflector wheel to re-route the belt in a manner that prevents the belt from cutting into your blade lower than intended (Large work rest purchased separately). By setting the gap between between the work rest and the bottom of the contact wheel you will not over-thin your edge. Since you are grinding on the top side of the blade, visibility is excellent, so know you how to modulate your grinding pressure across the length of your bevel to easily achieve a beautiful result.

    The steel wheel-pants are included to reduce the risk of throwing your workpiece and to catch sparks. Caution should still be exercised to work with best safety practices.

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    AmeriBrade - Hollow Grinding Jig

    $420.00 USD