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    Covington - 18" Flat Lap Grinder

    $3,900.00 USD
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    Covington - 18" Flat Lap Grinder

    $3,900.00 USD

    Product Description

    During a recent workshop, we had the opportunity to use the 12" machine to create, bevel, and polish small dichroic jewelry pieces... it was awesome. I just had to add it to the studio. ....and then we added an 18" too! You can never have too much of a good thing!!

    Using these magnetic flat diamond discs is absolutely the cleanest, fastest way to grind and polish your work. This machine will be hard plumbed.

    The 18" beveler and grinder is a large and versatile unit designed to cold-work pieces of glass. With the appropriate accessories, this unit will grind, shape, and polish small workpieces. There are several features built into this variable-speed lapping unit, including a water sleeve that allows water to come up through the shaft center and disperse from the middle of the plate if you choose, and an overhead loc-line® water supply. It also has a 5/8"-11RH female thread that accepts a variety of different diamond finishing tools. An optional male-to-male brass fitting for female treads is also available.

    The speed control allows speed ranges from 200rpm to 1100rpm. The bearings have been set 11" apart on the shaft to give rigidity and stability to the 18" blanched and precision ground plate. A wash-down motor and controller are perfect for wet environments. This unit is made with 11-gauge box tubing and 16-gauge removable side panels topped with heavy-duty powder coating. It comes with a full 1-year warranty on parts.

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    Product Specifications

    • Shipping Weight: 355 lbs.
    • 32" x 34" x 48" (shipping size)
    • Actual size: 27" x 27"

    What's Included

    The Standard Disc Set: 

    This set comes with the most commonly used grinding discs for the Beveler Grinder Units. Kit includes; 1 x 100g Nickel Bond Diamond Disc, 1 x 270g Nickel Bond Diamond Disc, 1 x 325g Resin Disc, 1 x Felt Polish Disc, & 1 lb. Cerium Oxide 

    Bottle Disc Set: 

    This set includes the essentials to start smoothing the interior edge of bottles and curves. Kit includes: 1 x male to male adapter, 1 x Fine Diamond Cone, 1 x Felt Polishing Cone, 1 x 100g Nickel Bond Disc, 1 x 270g Nickel Bond Disc, 1 x 325g Resin Disc, 1 x Felt Polish Disc, & 1 lb. Cerium Oxide 

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