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    Paragon Kiln - GL18ADTSD

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    Product description

    Model: Paragon  GL18ADTSD 
    Dimensions Inside: 18" (width) x 18" (depth) x 13" (height)
    Dimensions Outside: 34.5" (width) x 28" (depth) x 25.5" (height)
    Shelf Size: 17" X 17" X 5/8” - NOT INCLUDED
    Elements: Top, Side, and Door Elements
    Max Temp: Fires to 1700° F 
    Voltage: 240 volts 
    Amperage: 20 amps
    Watts: 7200 watts 
    Receptacle: 6-20R 
    Shipping Weight: 270 lbs. (Freight)


    • Sentinel SmartTouch Controller
    • Door, Top and Side Elements
    • On/Off Safety Switch
    • Mercury Relays
    • Door / Lid Safety Switch
    • Built-in Stand
    • Instruction Manual
    • 2-year Limited Warranty (Refer to manufacturer's warranty)

    The GL-18ADTSD digital kiln fires from the top, three sides, and door for unsurpassed heat distribution. Use the kiln’s side heat for taller projects such as drop-out vases sagged through a ring mold. Side elements, seated in dropped, recessed brick grooves, span the three walls.

    The kiln is available, however, with advanced power ratio technology at no extra charge. Pioneered by Paragon, power ratio balances the heat between top and side/door elements. Program the digital controller to balance the heat between the top and sides in increments of 10%. (i.e., 100% top - 0% sides, 50% top - 50% sides, 80% top – 20% sides, etc.) Set the heat balance for any combination desired between the top and sides so that the total heat output equals 100%. The power ratio GL-18ADTSD requires more amperage than the standard model. If you want the power ratio option, be sure to specify it at the time you place your order.


    Mercury Relays

    The mercury relay is quiet and reliable. The life of a mercury relay has been measured in millions of on/off cycles and outlast the standard mechanical relays.

    The GL-18ADTSD digital kiln is 13” high inside with room to bend glass for curved windows or cabinet doors and to repair lampshades. Make glass-fused platters. Crack the door to rake or emboss designs in the glass. Make small-to-medium sized castings and pâte de verre.


    Engineered for Reliability

    Paragon’s GL-series are made for years of rigorous firing, as artists all over America can attest. The insulating firebrick, wrapped in heavy-gauge steel, soak up the heat for slow, efficient cooling. A double heat shield and the air gap between the kiln and ventilated switch box help keep electrical components cool for long, trouble-free service. Costly heavy-gauge nickel-plated copper wiring is covered with high temperature glass-braided insulation. The thermocouple, which senses temperature inside the kiln, is protected with a high-nickel stainless steel sheath for long life.

    The GL-series lid elements are mounted in pinless grooves. The GL-series lid elements use an element groove that eliminates element pins. The element coils are wider than the groove opening, so the elements stay in place without pins. The elements in the walls are seated and protected in dropped, recessed grooves.

    The spring-pressure latch and a ½" recess around the edge of the firebrick door keep the door tightly closed. The door remains rock-steady on a heavy hinge shaft. Four hand lifts aid moving. The base is open in the back and slotted to dissipate heat.


    Thermocouple with “special limit” wire 

    The thermocouple senses temperature inside the kiln. It is the small rod that extends into the firing chamber. The ¼” wide Type-K, 14-gauge, exposed-tip thermocouple is made with special-limit wire for superior accuracy. The exposed tip gives the controller a fast response time for even temperatures during holds. The thermocouple is made in America to our exacting standards.

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      Paragon Kiln - GL18ADTSD