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    Olympic Kiln - 28 Raku - Gas Fired

    $4,605.00 USD
    $3,684.00 USD


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    Product description


    Olympic 28 Raku - Gas Fired

    Inside Dim: 28.25" (width) x 27" (depth)
    Outside Dim: 48" (width) x 36" (depth) x 78" (height)
    Brick Thickness: 3"
    Max Temp: Fires to 2350°F
    BTUS x 1,000: 70
    BTU/HR Total: 280,000
    Gas Pipe
    Inside Dim:
    Propane (LP)
    Water Column Pressure:
    Natural Gas (NG)
    Water Column Pressure:
    No. of Burners: 4
    Orifice Size
    Orifice Size
    Natural Gas:
    # of Gallons LP
    per Cone 10 Firing
    Ship Wt:  480# (Motor Freight)



    • Frame Welded to Firing Chamber
    • Peephole Plugs
    • Brick for Porthole Covering
    • Instruction Manual
    • One-year Limited Warranty (Refer to manufacturer's warranty)

      Olympic Raku & Torchbearer gas kilns bisque, high fire (cone 10), reduce, and raku. Olympic updraft gas kilns are constructed from durable firebrick and are equipped with venturi burner systems to ensure even temperature firings.

      Olympic 28 Raku gas kilns are specially designed for raku work by retaining heat in the firing chamber when elevated by the turn of a hand winch, allowing easy access, while trapping the heat in the kiln and away from the operator.

      If you have any questions about the operations of an UpDraft kiln click here. 

      Today potters can create the ancient Japanese technique, raku and its unique beauty, metallic luster, and colors with an Olympic 28 Raku kiln. The raku process involves reducing (starving the oxygen) the glazed raku pottery in combustible materials such as leaves, sawdust, newspaper, etc. When the pieces are ready to take out of the kiln, they are placed in galvanized trash containers with combustible materials and covered. Once the pieces are cooled down, they are removed from the containers, washed, and reveal the rich warm effects of raku. 

      Models can be purchase with burners only or with the option of a burner system which includes an ignition to light multiple burners at one point, maintain the flame on each burner and re-ignite any burner that may extinguish. The thermocouple safety shut-off will stop the gas flow if the flame is lost entirely.

      Olympic Raku and Torchbearer models come with the frame welded to the firing chamber (Rakus) or with the burners welded onto the kiln stand (Torchbearers), peephole plugs, brick for covering the porthole on top of the kiln lid or chamber during reduction, instruction manual, and warranty card. One-year Limited Kiln warranty.

      Lighting Raku Gas Kilns with Ignition System Installed


      The ignition system is used to:
      1. Light the multiple burner system from one point
      2. Maintain the flame on each burner
      3. Re-ignite any burner that may extinguish

      The thermocouple safety shut-off is used to stop the gas flow if the flame is lost entirely by the kiln, preventing an unused gas build-up.

      1. Turn on the gas supply.
      2. Depress the red button on the top of the magnetic valve for approximately 45 seconds.
      3. Using a fire stick, light the pilot bar or ring.
      4. The needle valve should be adjusted to allow sufficient gas flow to propagate a flame entirely along with the pilot when it is ignited at any point.
      5. Once the pilot is ignited continue to hold the button until the thermocouple sensor is hot and the valve will stay open by itself
      6. Turning the gas hand valve on the burner manifold lights the burners.

      Electronic Wall Unit Operation
      Olympic’s Electronic Wall Units feature programming by cone number or segment method allowing the kiln operator to create their own programs. Each program has eight segments with ramp/hold profiles and a controlled cooling rate. The controller features diagnostic error codes and convenient program review in addition to numerous other options.
      The wall unit will operate the gas kiln but it is still a manual process until the kiln reaches a certain temperature. The kiln equipped with a wall unit will come with an operating manual. Read the manual thoroughly and follow programming instructions that best suit your firing requirements.

      ***Torchbearer or Raku kilns must have an ignition system to equip the kiln with an electronic wall unit controller.

      Electronic High Limit Controller

      The High Limit Controller - Model 3K 100 - limit, provides a digital reading of the temperature during the firing and shuts the kiln off at a preset temperature. The controller is wall-mounted and requires a 120-volt outlet. The controller may be retrofitted after the purchase of an Olympic Torchbearer or Raku gas kiln. This high limit controller has 3 main modes of operation - STOP, PROGRAMMING, and FIRING. From STOP, pressing "enter" will take you to the PROGRAMMING mode. While in the PROGRAMMING mode, using the arrow keys will adjust the limit setpoint, then pressing "enter" again to save the setting and go to FIRING mode. While in FIRING mode press "enter" to go to STOP mode. Read more on this High Limit Controller here.

      Natural vs. Propane Gas

      If you plan to use natural gas with your kiln, a large burner is necessary when used on natural gas pressure, you will need 6-8 inches of the water column. If you order your kiln for household natural gas use, it will be equipped this way. The natural gas pipeline that connects to the kiln needs to be one that has a 3/4" inside diameter. If you plan to use propane gas, your tank must have a low-pressure regulator like those on a camper trailer. If an adjustable regulator is being used, about 1/2 pound pressure is necessary. The gas pipeline needs to be a hard line with a ¾” inside diameter. The line should run 20 – 40 ft. long from the propane tank. The larger the tank the better; however, a five (5) gallon tank is the minimum size for the 1827G or 18 Raku, and a 15-gallon tank is a minimum size for the 2327G/23 Raku and 2827G/28 Raku kilns. Due to gas flow, the propane tank may have a tendency to freeze solid. If ice is observed forming on the outside of the tank, water can be run over it to help keep it melted. The tank can also be lowered into a large bucket of warm water. When portable tanks are used for rakuing, keep gas tanks at a safe distance from the kiln.

      Gas Kilns Vent Hood

      Proper ventilation is required when firing a gas kiln. Gas kilns fired outside may not require a vent. When purchasing a vent it is often best to choose a local HVAC or sheet metal manufacturer to provide metal for the vent, or Olympic Kilns can build one for you. If you choose to create your own vent, contact a heating and cooling supply manufacturer for purchasing a piece of sheet metal. Vent dimensions need to be either round or square in a cone shape and the bottom of the vent needs to be larger than the outside diameter of the kiln. The diameter at the top of the vent needs to be 10”. Vent hood will attach to a double-walled exhaust pipe with a 10” coupling. The double-walled exhaust pipe is required by building conditions or local codes unless otherwise stated. The vent needs to be placed 18” above the kiln when the lid is open or above the kiln frame.

      28" Raku Gas-Updraft Furniture Kit

      As an option, add a 28" Raku Gas - UpDraft Furniture Kit which includes: 6 – 24” x 12” half round shelves, 6 ea – 3, 6, 9, 12-inch large square posts, 1 lb bag kiln wash, heavy duty gloves, raku tongs.


      Get to know your kiln!

      Read all about your kiln before you buy. Check out this Olympic Gas Kiln Manual here and explore all about what this kiln has to offer.


      Need more information on Gas kiln firing? Check out our Gas Kilns 101 Page!


      NOTE: Olympic Gas Kilns are not Massachusetts Board of Examiners approved. Please check the laws in your state before purchase. Kiln Frog, LLC. is not responsible for customer selections and purchases that do not align with current state board guidelines.

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      Olympic Kiln - 28 Raku - Gas Fired