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    Orton VentMaster 240V

    $908.42 USD



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    Orton VentMaster 240V

    $908.42 USD

    Product Specifications

    Product Description

    Need to install it yourself? On page 4 you will find the chart that helps you determine the number and size of holes to be drilled in the lid and floor of the kiln.  On pages 5 and 6 you will find diagrams to help you determine where those holes should be drilled for your kiln design.  Drilling these holes is SUPER easy and something anyone can do.  This does not require any special skills or knowledge base.  You'll just need some basic tools and you'll be ready to go.

    Read the manual here

    What's Included

    • Fan assembly (Blower Housing Package) with 6 ft power cord
    • Collector cup with adjustable height foot
    • High-temperature gasket to seal collector cup to bottom or side of the kiln
    • 4-foot length of 2” diameter high-temperature black flex hose
    • Two-2” hose clamps
    • One-¼” drill bit
    • One-3” stud
    • Orton sample test cones
    • Cones and Firing booklet
    • Kiln Safety booklet

    Key Information