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    Paragon Kiln - Ovation 22

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    Product description

    Model: Paragon Ovation 22
    Dimensions Inside: 41.5" (length) x 22.5" (width) x 22.5" (depth)
    Dimensions Outside: 57" (width) x 39" (depth) x 44.5" (height)
    Shelf Size: 21” x 17 1/2” x 5/8” - NOT INCLUDED
    Elements: Side Elements
    Max Temp: Fires to 2350° F 
    Voltage: 240 volts 
    Amperage: 67 amps 
    Watts: 16,000 watts 
    Receptacle: Direct
    Shipping Weight: 630# (Motor Freight)



    • Sentinel SmartTouch Controller
    • Insulating refractory firebrick firing chamber
    • Sidewall elements in dropped, recessed brick grooves are easy to replace.
    • Two tapered peepholes for a wide view with little heat loss
    • A steel floor pan supports the entire brick bottom of each kiln.
    • Easy-access, hinged control box with folding support arm.
    • Since the Ovation-22 is designed for porcelain, it also easily fires ceramics, china paint, decals, and gold.
    • Heavy gauge stainless steel case
    • Coated lid, peepholes and rim of firebricks
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty (Refer to manufacturer's warranty)

    OPTIONAL Tall Heavy Duty Rolling Stand, 24” Square x 12” High

    A deluxe, rock-solid kiln stand with locking casters, is now an option. STANDS ARE NOT INCLUDED. Please check the options box if you would like a stand included with your kiln order. You will enjoy the convenience of effortlessly moving the kiln out of the way when not in use. The stand is rock solid. It fits together with interlocking components that assemble with one size of bolt. (Ships unassembled.)

    The 12” tall stand raises the kiln to a convenient height for loading and unloading. Should you need a vent, merely slide the collection cup of an Orton vent into a mounting bracket on the top of the stand. 

    Production loads

    If you have been firing a smaller kiln, you will be amazed at the space inside the Ovation-22. Fire large projects such as bowls or platters. Imagine how many mugs you could fire in the Ovation-22. As you can see, a few production loads can pay for this kiln.

    Spring-assisted lid

    Patented dual spring-assisted lid lifters transfer the weight of the lid to a massive hinge assembly on the back of the kiln. This reduces the stress on the rear kiln wall to give your kiln the long life that Paragon kilns are famous for. The truss and floating lid system allow for expansion of the lid. Ask competitors if their lid spring system includes a floating lid.

    Easy maintenance

    The patented, control box on the Ovation-22 opens forward for easy maintenance. The box is hinged at the bottom. A folding support arm holds the box in the open position for your convenience.

    Quality components

    A heavy galvanized steel base completely covers the reversible brick bottom. Tabs on the steel base fold up inside the stainless case on all sides to strengthen the firing chamber. This is one more assurance that your Paragon kiln is built to last.

    Wires are fastened to the elements with heat-dissipating connectors refined and proven over many years in Paragon kilns. Crimpless element connectors are easy to install and are included with replacement elements.

    Thermocouple with “special limit” wire

    The thermocouple senses temperature inside the kiln. It is the small rod that extends into the firing chamber. The ¼” wide Type-K, 14-gauge, exposed-tip thermocouple is made with special-limit wire for superior accuracy. The exposed tip gives the controller a fast response time for even temperatures during holds. The thermocouple is made in America to our exacting standards.

    Ceramic Kiln Instruction & Service and Sentry Controller Manuals

    Want to know more about this kiln before you buy? Click here to download the manual and read more on ceramic kilns. Download the manual for the Sentry 2.0 12-Key Controller here to learn more about this controller.

    Kiln Accessories

    Need more for your kiln? Explore more safety and other accessories here.

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    Paragon Kiln - Ovation 22