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    Paragon Kiln - Xpress E-12T (ON HAND NOW)

    $1,853.23 USD
    $1,760.57 USD
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    Product description

    Model: Paragon Xpress E-12T (ON HAND NOW)
    Dimensions Inside: 8.5" (width) x 12" (depth) x 9" (height)
    Dimensions Outside: 14" (width) x 22.5" (depth) x 20" (height)
    Shelf Size: 7 1/2” x 11" Shelf - NOT INCLUDED
    Elements: Side Element
    Max Temp: Fires to 2000° F
    Voltage: 120 volts
    Amperage: 19 amps
    Watts: 2280 watts 
    Receptacle: 5-20R 
    Shipping Weight: 90# (UPS)


    • Genesis Mini Touch Screen Controller
    • On/Off Safety Switch
    • Top Vent Hole with tapered plug (for lost wax casting)
    • Built-in Stand
    • Instruction Manual
    • 2-year Limited Warranty (Refer to manufacturer's warranty)

    The Paragon Xpress-E-12T comes with the Genesis Mini Touch Screen Controller mounted in the kiln base (instead of a side switch box) to save table space. The kiln includes a door safety switch that turns off the element when the door is opened. The controller automatically resumes firing when you close the door.

    The Paragon Xpress-E-12T heating element, exposed in dropped, recessed insulating firebrick grooves, is easy to replace if ever necessary. The 2 1/2” thick firebricks store plenty of heat for slow cooling through the glass annealing range. For small glass pieces such as jewelry, you can anneal without having to turn the element back on during cooling. (If extra heat is necessary to anneal large pieces, that is easy. Just program a slow cooling segment in Ramp-Hold mode.) The firebricks store heat for quick temperature recovery after removing a copper enameling piece.

    The thermocouple is protected with a high-nickel stainless steel sheath for long life. A switch on the front panel turns off power to the controller when the kiln is not in use.

    Unlatch and open the door with one hand; the latch operates so smoothly that delicate copper enameling or silver clay pieces remain undisturbed while opening or closing the door. The door opens smoothly on a heavy-duty 1/2” hinge shaft. No extra stand is needed; the built-in base stays cool even during extended hold times.

    The interior is large enough to fire a 10” bronze clay container. A vent hole in the top, complete with tapered vent plug, is designed for lost wax casting. You can also vent combustible cork clay and other fillers used with silver clay.

    The Paragon Xpress-E-12T can ship by UPS. Enjoy lower shipping cost and faster service. Specially designed cartons and foam padding assure that the kiln will arrive safely.

    Paragon kilns are built to be dependable. They are loaded with attention to details, such as the costly nickel-plated copper wire with high temperature glass-braided insulation. Wires are fastened to the elements with heat-dissipating connectors refined and proven over many years in Paragon kilns.

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      Paragon Kiln - Xpress E-12T (ON HAND NOW)

      $1,853.23 USD
      $1,760.57 USD