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    Paragon Small Kilns Electrical Parts Kit

    $465.00 USD
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    Product description

    The Electrical Parts Kit includes:

    • Two (2) Elements
    • High Temp Connectors (2)
    • Element Pins
    • Transformer
    • Fuse
    • Pint of Mortar
    • Thermocouple (K-Type Standard)
    • Two (2) Relays (Mechanical Standard)
    • Lead Wires with Slip-on Connectors

    This kit is for PARAGON DIGITAL KILNS ONLY. This kit fits their 120v kilns or their small kilns with 2 elements that are 240v. Please specify what voltage you need when ordering.

    NOTE: This kit does NOT include a digital controller board! If you need a new or replacement controller board please email or call us with your model number and controller type. We'll have a few questions to ask before we order one for you. DO NOT order a controller board without speaking to a customer experience representative. Save yourself the headache of ordering the wrong thing, or misdiagnosing your issue.

    **THIS KIT IS NOT GOOD FOR: Kilns with fiber muffles including the entire SC series, Bluebirds with muffles, Fiberfuse 16s, all PRO series Knife Kilns, Xpress series kilns with Fiber muffles and Home Artist kilns including the Vitrigraph 1. This includes the CS19 and Fusion 19 models with fiber muffles, Pearl 22s with Fiber lids, and the GL24 models with fiber muffles.

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    Paragon Small Kilns Electrical Parts Kit

    $465.00 USD