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    SDS Industries - TAP Controller WiFi Dongle

    $39.00 USD
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    Product description


    HERE'S WHAT THIS IS: This Wi-Fi dongle plugs into the USB port of your kiln TAP Smart Controller allowing you to connect to your home network via WiFi rather than a wired Ethernet connection. This upgrade offers all the functionality of the wired Ethernet connection with the convenience of a wireless link.  **IMPORTANT: This Dongle can ONLY receive 2.4, NOT 5ghz!  The TAP WiFi Dongle brings network connectivity to the TAP Controller and unlocks all the features that the TAP Kiln Control Mobile app offers. Additionally, network connectivity enables automatic downloads of TAP Software Updates. USB WiFi Dongle is plug and play with all TAP Controllers having software version 3.0 or later. Upgrade to the latest available software for the best results.

    Standard, off-the-shelf Wi-Fi dongles will not work! You must use this particular dongle with the TAP Smart Controller.

    WHAT DO YOU DO? Plug the dongle into the USB port on the controller. Press the connect button and follow the directions below. Download the App form the app store. And then... Voila! Once connected to the internet, you can monitor your TAP Controller through the TAP/SDS Industries Application.

    HERE'S WHY YOU WANT THIS AWESOME THING! You can monitor your TAP Controller from anywhere to see what segment your kiln is on, the current temp of your kiln, and how long your kiln has until the next segment. You can monitor the exact schedule so you can see what's happening at each segment. This gives you incredible peace of mind knowing that your kiln is doing exactly what its supposed to do! Or... If it's not, you'll know it about it fast and be able to get back to the studio quickly to amend your schedule, skip a step, add more time, or do whatever is necessary to get the best work possible from your Evenheat kiln. This Wi-Fi dongle really helps your stay on top of your kiln game!!

    TAP Mobile App is now available for Android and iOS Devices.

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    SDS Industries - TAP Controller WiFi Dongle

    $39.00 USD