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    Thermocouple - Paragon PY80-4 (PY50)

    $106.34 USD
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    Thermocouple - Paragon PY80-4 (PY50)

    $106.34 USD

    Product Description

    Thermocouple (temperature sensor), K-type, 1/4” diameter, exposed tip 14-gauge complete with ceramic block and lead wires for 2 1/2” - 3” wall kilns. (Order the PY81-4 if you do not need to replace the ceramic block or lead wires.) Our beaded thermocouple with polished tip is rugged and reliable. The thermocouple is made in the U.S. with American-made components to exacting standards. The “special limit” thermocouple wire is certified to be close tolerance. Part#6750-14

    This item is shipped directly from the factory right to you.

    **NOTE: This pyrometer will fit almost any kiln with 2 1/2"-3" walls. If your kiln has thicker walls order the PY80-5.

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