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    TNFII Remote Controller (120v)

    $1,134.40 USD
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    TNFII Remote Controller (120v)

    $1,134.40 USD

    Product Description

    Enjoy the features of Paragon’s Sentry 12-key digital controller on your manual-fire kiln. This controller works with kilns of any brand or any age! The TNFII controller can be used with any 120v kiln and, has mechanical relays. Please make sure that you check your AMPS before making a selection.

    The wall-hanging TNFII, plugs into the wall receptacle that your manual-fire kiln is now using. The kiln, in turn, plugs into a receptacle on the TNFII. To install the thermocouple, which reads temperature, drill a 1/8” hole through the kiln’s firebrick wall. After mounting the thermocouple to the kiln, you are ready to fire. You could also mount the thermocouple through a drilled peephole plug (furnished with the TNF II; the plug is tapered, however, which does not fit all brands of kilns). If you have a Kiln Sitter, you can continue to use it as an additional safety backup.

    When ordering it is VERY IMPORTANT to state in the notes... the volts, amps of the kiln, and the NEMA number of the receptacle (5-15R or 5-20R), or just send us a picture. We just want to make double sure that we are sending you the right controller box for your kiln! 

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