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    Vent Hood Galvanized Steel for DownDraft Gas Kilns

    $1,540.00 USD
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    Vent Hood Galvanized Steel for DownDraft Gas Kilns

    $1,540.00 USD

    Product Description

    THIS IS A GALVANIZED STEEL HOOD. (Although galvanized steel is strong, it is not as strong as stainless and can be dented easier. Both are corrosion resistant. Stainless is not magnetic, galvanized steel is magnetic. Galvanized steel is heat resistant, but stainless has more chromium to make it more durable and rust resistant in outdoor weather conditions. Stainless is ideal for coastal areas. Galvanized steel will do well in indoor conditions. Galvanized steel will be matte gray, stainless will be shiny silver.)

    Gas kilns require proper ventilation when firing, especially if the kiln is going to be fired indoors. Olympic builds stainless and galvanized steel gas vent hoods for updraft and downdraft gas kilns. These vents are square in design and have a 10″ diameter at the top for a non-flammable double-walled exhaust pipe to extend out or to go through the wall or ceiling to the outside.

    DownDraft Gas Kiln Vent Hoods:  DownDraft kilns built with the vent option will have an iron frame on the outside at the top of the kiln for the vent to attach to once the kiln has been set in its location. DownDraft Gas Kilns galvanized and stainless-steel vent hoods measure 48″ x 48″.

    Vents are crated separately from kiln shipments and have an estimated shipping weight of 200 lbs, with a crate weight of 50 lbs. Gas kiln vent hoods ship via freight carrier.

    Product Specifications