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    Cress Furnaces - C163212D

    $30,472.00 USD
    $28,948.40 USD
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    Product description

    Model: Cress Kilns - C163212D
    Top Dimensions Inside: 32" (length) x 16" (width) x 12" (height)
    Bottom Dimensions Inside: 29" (length) x 16" (width) x 12" (height)
    Dimensions Outside (Overall): 60" (length) x 43" (width) x 66" (height)
    Elements: Side Elements
    Max Intermittent Temp: 2250° F
    Max Continuous Temp: 1250° F
    Input Power:
    18,.5 kW
    Voltage: Optional 480V
    Shipping Weight: 1400# (Motor Freight)


    • PM3T Watlow Programmable Controller
    • Solid State Relays
    • Responsive Thermocouple
    • Safety Switch
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty (Refer to manufacturer's warranty

    Uses: Designed for those who desire a hardening furnace, a quench tank plus a separate furnace for tempering or drawing all within a Minimum floor space. The two chambers allow for immediate tempering or drawing after quench without waiting for the hardening furnace to cool to the lower temperature required.

    Controls: Both chambers are equipped with their own electronic control, thermocouples and solid state relays. Auto tuning microprocessor based controls are accurate to ± 1/4 of 1%. Each chamber is equipped with door safety switches that remove power from that chambers heating elements and fan blower.

    Heating Elements: Alloy wire elements are coiled and mounted on the side walls in easy to change porcelain plates.

    General Construction: Case is constructed of galvanized sheet metal and mounted in angle steel frame. Space is provided for air circulation between chambers, the optional quench tank is stored beneath the lower chamber and can be rolled out for use. The control panel face is attractive brushed stainless steel.

    The upper chamber door rises vertically, the lower chamber door swings to the side. A heavy duty chrome plated latch is used to hold the lower door closed. The lower chamber is equipped with a stainless steel, centrifugal type fan to circulate the air and provide very close temperature gradients. The fan is operated by a 1/4 HP motor.
    Easy access to controls and wiring is provided by removable side panel on control cabinet.

    Welded steel plate quench tank on caster is standard on most dual units. Door seal is standard for inert protective atmosphere on 2250°F chambers.

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    Cress Furnaces - C163212D

    $30,472.00 USD
    $28,948.40 USD