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    Cress Furnaces - C444

    $81,450.90 USD
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    Product description

    Model: Cress Furnaces - C444
    Dimensions Inside: 48" (length) x 48" (width) x 48" (height)
    Dimensions Outside: 77" (length) x 64" (width) x 90" (height)
    Elements: Side and Door Elements
    Max Intermittent Temp. 1950° F
    Max Continuous Temp: 1750° F
    Input Power:
    72 kW
    Voltage: Optional 480V
    Shipping Weight: 5500# (Motor Freight)


    • PM4 Watlow Programmable Controller
    • Solid State Relays
    • Responsive Thermocouple
    • Safety Switch
    • High Limit Control and Contactor
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty (Refer to manufacturer's warranty

    Uses: This large capacity furnace can be used for various types of heat treatment processes which require temperatures from 200°F to 1950°F. The 6 bladed axial flow fan mounted in the roof circulates the air within the chamber resulting in close gradients throughout. OPTION: 2250 rating using a 4 zone control.

    Controls: Furnace is equipped with Cress Electronic Control. The control, contactor and fan motor are all completely wired ready for simple connection to your power. A limit switch is mounted on the furnace body which automatically turns elements off when the door is opened. Programmable controls and recorder are also available as an extra. A back-up control, with a separate contactor and thermocouple, is standard.

    Elements: Heavy chrome-nickel wire elements are coiled and mounted in grooves in walls and door to provide all around heating which also helps produce close gradients throughout the chamber. Solid state zero voltage switching of power to elements.

    General Construction: Furnace frame is constructed of heavy steel angle with 18 gauge sheet metal panels to form exterior case. Case is finished in a pleasing gray hammertone. The vertical rising door is mounted on heavy levers and is opened by lifting up on a wide handle. The counterweight holds the door up in the raised position and the weight of the door gives a good brick to brick seal in the lowered position. A Kaowool® rope seal is installed on the door where it meets the chamber. This door protects the operator from burns because the hot surface always faces away from him. Door opens manually very smoothly and easily. All walls and door are constructed of 4 1/2” of the finest quality insulating brick backed up by 1 1/2" of block insulation. The roof is arched giving added strength and providing space for fan. This combination of insulation and wall thickness helps to give fast heat up and excellent retention for economical operation.

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    Cress Furnaces - C444

    $81,450.90 USD